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When choosing socks, you need to focus not only on how they look like, but also on what they are made of. Modern materials provide additional strength, durability, and smoothness, so that your socks look great even after numerous washings. Here at we’ll be glad to share some handy hints and tips about socks.

The most popular materials nowadays are cotton, nylon, wool, and bamboo. If you are a real fashionista and want something special, you can wear socks from velvet, silk, plush, lace, mesh, or tulle. There are even silicone, waterproof, and fluorescent socks – in a word, socks can meet your every need.

Nylon socks are very durable. They keep softness and elasticity after washing. Socks with nylon thread retain their quality and color for a long time.

Cotton socks are lightweight and soft. They are comfortable to wear, hygroscopic, breathable, and easy to wash. Cotton creates a pleasant feeling of warmth. The bactericidal properties of this material prevent the occurrence of skin diseases of the feet. Its moisture capacity allows it to absorb sweat quickly.

Silk socks look the most elegant of all. It is believed that silk relieves irritation on the skin and even soothes the nervous system. Moreover, silk is smooth to the touch. This material has an antibacterial effect.

Bamboo thread socks have a porous structure that easily absorbs moisture and evaporates it quickly. In such socks, the skin breathes. Besides, this material is durable.

Woolen socks are very popular, especially during the winter season. Wool is a resistant fiber that is made from the hair of various animals (mainly sheep). Fashionable wool socks provide warmth and comfort.

As per colors of socks, nowadays colorful and bright socks are very popular among fashionable and creative people. The leading brands in their new collections are creating colorful socks to add a fresh note to sportswear and footwear. Colored socks bring originality and individuality to any look. They can spice up even the most boring outfits.

For a long time, it was believed that bright socks are the example of doubtful taste. But times change, and at the end of the twentieth century, due to the casual style and corporate culture, managers and clerks began to give preference to bright details of clothing. The combination of a bright color of socks with another element of the wardrobe, such as a tie or a scarf, began to be considered special chic. Nowadays many designers offer unique combinations in clothes with bright socks. Stripes, rhombuses, polka dots, different patterns are especially fashionable.

And finally, here are some tips for those whose socks are constantly torn. If holes appear in your new sock too quickly, it’s time to find out what’s wrong and solve this problem. The most evident reason is the poor quality. But it is not the only possible root of all evil! There may be several reasons for this. The main reason is off-size shoes. Too tight or too loose shoes cause extra friction. Don’t forget about shoe care, because even the most expensive socks can rub in tight shoes. Some anatomical features of the feet can also lead to holes in the socks. Another possible reason is bad pedicure (or absence of any pedicure at all). Keep all these points in mind, and you will enjoy your socks longer than usual.

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