How to choose men’s socks

Men’s socks are not so simple as they may seem. It’s time to recognize the importance of this menswear item in your wardrobe hierarchy. The wrong pair of socks can ruin the most flawless look. On a business meeting, wearing socks the wrong way can make you mistrustful as a business person before you even say a word. Sockssoxmart offers you some helpful hints how to find perfect socks for any occasion.

Men’s suit plays a decisive role in the choice of material for socks. The lighter it is, the thinner your socks should be, and vice versa. For thicker woolen winter suits, choose the mixture of cotton and cashmere. Wool is another suitable material for winter socks. Such products will keep your feet warm. Adding angora will make the socks softer and fluffier. Summer models should be made of cotton or bamboo. These materials are excellent at absorbing sweat and ventilating the feet. They will warm you in cool weather and refresh you in the heat. Mixes of cotton and silk will also be perfect for the warm months. Pure silk socks are an ideal choice for black tie dress code.

Fashion stylists advise to choose socks depending on the color not of the shoes, but of the trousers. With classic trousers, you need to wear socks of calm colors that match the tone of the suit. At the same time, we should not forget about the compatibility of socks with other accessories – a tie, a belt and a pocket square. In case of a strict dress code, it is generally better to avoid bright socks. Only black, blue and gray are appropriate for a conservative outfit. The maximum that you can afford is neutral striped, polka dot, or plaid socks.

The socks worn with the suit should be long. Their direct purpose is to hide your bare legs. There should never be a gap between socks and trousers. Even if you put your legs on the table, your socks should cover all the visible part of your leg. For the most formal occasions, there are also half hose, but there is no need to wear such socks every day. Informal outfits allow choosing low socks that can be practically invisible. Such shortened models are suitable for sportswear and sneakers.

If you prefer active lifestyle, you need special socks for sport. They should meet several requirements. Their material must remove sweat to the outside. Such socks must be quick-drying and do not accumulate water. Socks for winter sports must certainly be warm. They should fit tightly enough on the feet, do not slip off during movement and provide maximum comfort. The material from which the socks are made must be hypoallergenic. Such socks must compensate the pressure of the sport boots.

When choosing sport socks, the first step is to choose the right size. If the socks turn out to be small, the feet will be cramped, blood circulation may be disturbed and, as a result, the feet will instantly freeze. And if the socks turn out to be large, they will move and twist on the feet, discomfort your and ever cause blisters.

The variety of socks for men today is enormous. Therefore, you need to know their main characteristics and qualities to choose the right socks that will serve you properly.

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