How to Choose the Right Socks

Wearing the same socks from work to hiking and everything in between can leave you with sore feet, blisters, and other avoidable problems. Instead, you should choose the right socks for you, depending on when and where you plan to wear them.

We’re here to teach you how to buy socks that meet your needs. Here are the top things to consider when making your choice.


Socks exist to keep your feet comfortable while wearing shoes. However, the wrong material won’t protect your feet effectively.

While cotton seems like a nice, natural fabric, it’s best avoided in socks. Cotton soaks up moisture, creating the unpleasant sensation of damp feet. And damp fabric rubbing against your skin is a surefire way to get a blister. Only wear cotton socks if you’re sure you won’t be working up a sweat.

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Many people opt for synthetic fabrics which are comfortable, durable, and moisture-wicking instead. Acrylic or nylon socks are good, versatile options.

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For those who prefer natural fabrics, bamboo or merino wool works well. Bamboo breathes nicely so it won’t trap moisture on your feet, and it’s also a natural antibacterial. Merino wool is a very breathable type of wool that’s soft, never scratchy.

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Consider how warm you’ll need to be, too. A thick sock made of a material like merino will keep you warmer than thin bamboo, for example. You can also layer a silk liner sock underneath for added warmth.

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Next, you’ll need to consider your purpose when you choose a pair of socks.

If you’re looking for something to wear to work at your office job, an inexpensive cotton sock will be fine. But if you plan on going jogging, you’ll want to avoid cotton and pick something that wicks moisture instead.

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For more intense activities, like snowboarding or backpacking, you’ll need a super-thick, durable sock. Luckily, you can find specialty socks for all kinds of different activities on

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It’s a good idea to look for socks that fit well — they’ll both look and feel better. Your socks should feel snug against your feet, without extra fabric to create blister-causing friction. But you also don’t want them to be so tight that they’re putting a strain on your toes. Make sure the seams aren’t placed where they’ll rub or chafe on your feet.

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Finally, you can think about how you want your socks to look.

If you’re choosing socks for more casual purposes, you can put more weight on how they look. Choosing the best-looking socks is largely a matter of personal style.

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With these factors in mind, you can say goodbye to uncomfortable socks for good. Your feet will appreciate it! We hope that these tips will help you and you will find your perfect socks on

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