Socks for babies: what you should keep in mind

Socks are an integral part of children’s daily wardrobe. They are very important for their health and wellbeing. The baby’s feet in the socks should neither sweat nor freeze. Besides, socks, as well as any other baby clothing, should not cause allergic reactions.

Parents should remember that when choosing children’s socks made from fully synthetic threads (such as acrylic, nylon, polyamide), the child’s feet will sweat. It is absolutely normal when lycra or polyamide are included in the blend as they increase the durability of cloth, but there should be not more than ten percent of synthetic. Natural fabrics are more comfortable and environmentally friendly. Your baby’s feet will not sweat in them. Socks and tights made from natural fabrics are less durable than synthetic fibers. But they are perfect for the sensitive skin of the baby (especially for infants and toddlers). So, read clothing labels and tags carefully.

You should also remember about choosing the proper size. It affects the activity of children. In the off-size socks, the child will feel uncomfortable. Needless to say that socks are classified as underwear, so they must be changed every day.

There’s no need to wear extremely warm woolen socks in spring and autumn. Choose the options with an average warmth keeping. This might be cotton socks that have to be changed and washed daily.

Thick woolen winter socks do not need to be washed daily. But they should be put on a thin sock to prevent the wool from coming into direct contact with the naked skin, otherwise an allergic reaction, skin irritation, or itching from coarse woolen fibers may occur.

Don’t let your child wear worn and torn socks. Throw away all socks with holes. Holes and patches can bring the child moral stress. Besides, they produce physical discomfort and can lead to blisters on sensitive baby skin.

Often socks for babies are supplemented with some elements that make products more attractive and comfortable. For example, ruffles, bows, etc. make any children’s outfit elegant and festive. Rubber bumps and patterns on the sole help children to stand well on slippery floors and increase the wear resistance of products. A dense rubber or leather sole turn usual socks into comfortable house slippers, increasing the period of their wear. Bright and interesting five finger socks will delight children and cheer up all family members.

Toddler socks can vary in length. They may be low (short socks up to the ankle), medium (just above the ankle), and high (long socks up to the middle of the calf). Any children’s wardrobe should have many types of socks so that the child could feel comfortable in any situation. But parents need to be able to choose them properly.

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