The best idea for your comfort: socks with soles

Sockssoxmart keeps on sharing with you some trends in modern socks fashion. Nowadays a lot of sock manufacturers offer their customers a new model of socks that is supplied with a sole. This sole is usually made from rubber or silicone. It can be solid or dotted. The main purpose of this product is to serve as a comfortable alternative to traditional home shoes.

And we must confess, this invention is really cool! Socks with soles are good for preventing falls on smooth surfaces, such as laminate or parquet. Someone chooses such socks for fitness, because they are several times lighter than bulky sneakers, while the sole does not wear off. Someone puts them on when going to the swimming pool, since the floor in the dressing room is inevitably damp, and with such socks there is no need to use a rug.

Models of socks with anti-slip soles are very popular among parents of babies. The first steps of the toddler will become much safer and more confident. Older people also reasonably show interest in this innovation, bearing in mind the increased fragility of bones in old age.

Socks do not differ in appearance and weight from traditional ones, but at the same time they care about consumer safety.

Socks with rubber soles are well suited for fitness, dancing, yoga, and gymnastics. The rubber sole has a reliable grip on surfaces. It does not wear out for a long time. It is an organic dielectric – that means, in simple terms, it does not conduct an electric current. For example, wearing socks with rubberized soles, you can fearlessly change the light bulb if there is no electrician at hand. The sole can be supplied with additional pimples which add to its reliability.

Socks with a silicone sole have the same benefits as the previously described ones, but unlike rubber, silicone is characterized by increased heat resistance. That is, it does not lose its qualities in a temperature range from minus sixty degrees to plus two hundred and fifty degrees Celsius. In addition, feet in socks with silicone soles do not sweat and remain dry for a long time. The silicone is transparent in appearance, so such soles do not strike the eye, the socks are no different from their usual counterparts. The covering can be solid, over the entire foot area, or it can have a point arrangement. The second option is more suitable for young children who need constant ventilation of their feet.

Socks with felt soles are ideal for the elderly people, since felt shoes are very useful for rheumatism, arthritis, circulatory disorders, and varicose veins. These socks will become a favorite in the home wardrobe arsenal. The felt sole will provide a massage and warming effect, creating a feeling of protection and a cozy atmosphere. For particularly sensitive people or for children, it is recommended to choose socks with a cotton lining or insole. As for washing, it is not forbidden to wash them in a machine, taking into account the temperature regime not higher than thirty degrees and using special washing powder for wool.

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