Top-3 Rules on How to Wear Bright or Printed Socks

There is such a big selection of various socks nowadays! Bright, colored, printed… Some people are afraid to wear such socks because they just don’t know how. 

Yes, socks with patterns require a little bit more care, but if you make the right choice, you will look great. So, how to wear bright socks and not look ridiculous? Here are the top-3 rules.

When you pick up socks for your today’s look, think of what you are going to do and what impression you want to make. If you set up a business meeting and want people to take you as a serious person, probably, you should opt for classic socks. But if you feel that you can express your individuality, put on your favorite Rolling Stones Socks and go ahead! 

The second rule is to coordinate your socks with the rest of your outfit. It doesn’t mean that your socks should perfectly match the shade of your shirt, but it would look cool if they are in one color palette. When people look at you, they won’t see this color coordination, they will think: “what a stylish look.” If you are not sure what color of socks to buy first, get a whole pack such as Men’s Colorful Plaid Print Compression Socks 5 Pairs Set to have a choice. 

The last rule for wearing printed socks is not to forget about your footwear. It is a good idea to have a basic understanding of what colors will match well with your brown, black, or whatever shoes. For example, brown shoes will look awesome with these yellow Be Careful To Speak Harajuku Socks. 

At Socks-Sox, you will find a perfect pair of bright socks with ease. Take a look at our collection sorted by design to find something for you. Experiment around, show your personality, and just be cool! Buy socks online at

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